Missions and Organization

What does PROCORAD do ?

Association for the Promotion of Quality Control in Radiotoxicological Analysis (Non profit-making association - law of 1901).

PROCORAD organises radiotoxicology intercomparisons in order to evaluate the quality of medical analysis results and to promote good laboratory practice.

The defining feature of these intercomparisons is the use of  samples containing the radionuclides most often encountered in occupational exposure.

PROCORAD also seeks to promote fruitful scientific and technical exchanges between its members. A scientific meeting is organised each year during the Association's General Assembly. This meeting is held alternately in France and abroad. A technical report is published each year in French and in English.



Procorad obtained ISO 9001 version 2015 certification (certificat)

Procorad Quality Policy (Quality policy)

Quality Manual (avaible in french only)   (Quality Manual)

Cartography of the Association

Intercomparisons calendar