Processing results

Each year, during the general assembly takes place a scientific meeting.

The annual scientific meeting of the PROCORAD Association traditionally takes place over two days and a half in June.

  • The venue alternates between France and a foreign country. Simultaneous translation between English and French is provided at the meeting.
  • Depending on the proximity of nuclear installations to the meeting venue, a technical visit is sometimes organised.
  • The meeting itself is devoted to the presentation of the intercomparison results and the technical discussion that follows each presentation.

Key themes include :

Standardized slides shows of participants'results:
- determination of the assigned values and their uncertainties
- control of the samples (homogeneity and stability)
- assessment of the performance by statistical comparison of the participants results with assigned values
- graphical representations of the results and the performance scores
- correlation of the performance scores with the used methods

The Scientific Council proposes themes for the workshops that are held at the annual meetings. The Commitee au Bureau confirms the choice of themes. The Scientific Council is responsible for defining the objectives of the workshop and for facilitating the actual discussions.

A data calculation and processing programme developed specifically for PROCORAD, called PROCOSTAT©, is used to ensure a consistent statistical exploitation of the participants' results.