CEA Grenoble

Expert biologist : Véronique Chamel Mossuz

Founded in 1956 by Physics Nobel Prize winner Louis Néel, the Grenoble CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) is Rhône-Alpes' leading technology research centre. Over 4,000 people (including 2,300 CEA employees) work at the Grenoble CEA, which is situated a short distance from the city centre, on the Polygone scientifique site. Technology research represents 80% of the Grenoble CEA's activities:

  • New information and communication technologies
  • Biotechnologies, and more particularly nanobiotechnologies
  • New energy technologies and nanomaterials

The medical laboratory is responsible for the biological monitoring of all employees working in Grenoble's Polygone scientifique facilities (CEA, Institut Léo Langevin, CNRS, etc.). It performs medical biology, toxicology, radiotoxicology, and whole-body and thyroid counting.