CEA Cadarache

Expert biologist : Alexandra FAUSSART

Cadarache is an important nuclear research centre. Basic Nuclear Installations (INB) and Classified Environmental Protection Installations (ICPE) coexist on the site. Apart from the biological monitoring of the CEA staff at Cadarache, the Medical Laboratory carries out the radiotoxicological monitoring of all people working on this nuclear site (staff from subsidiaries and from external service providers as well as CEA personnel) but also for a number of organisations having entered into a contract with LBM Cadarache.

To ensure that monitoring takes account of all potential contamination risks, the Medical Laboratory carries out a wide range of analyses:

Whole body gamma spectrometry and urine analyses as part of the monitoring of exposure to fission and/or activation products X lung spectrometry and urine and faecal ash analyses for exposure to actinides Urinary monitoring for exposure to tritium and other beta emitter compounds.

LBM Cadarache is certified by the French Nuclear Safety Authority( Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire) to monitor individual occupational exposure to ionizing radiation.